Fall 2015 Companies

Nova Credit: Nova is a Stanford-backed venture business formed by a diverse team of data-science and credit experts. Nova's mission is to provide better access to credit for internationals in the U.S. Check us out: www.neednova.com 

Team: Misha Esipov (esipov.mikhail@gmail.com); Gideon Silverman (gideons@stanford.edu)

Adalytic is a digital-advertising platform that enables everyday consumer drivers to showcase advertisements on an exterior LED roof-top display. Drivers displays brands and earn money with little change to their driving routine, while advertisers target specific audiences through geo- and time-based advertising. 

Team: Jason Wang (jasonkwang@stanford.edu); Sreyas Misra (sreyas@stanford.edu)

Athelas is a portable blood diagnostic device that produces a Complete Blood Count (CBC), identifies parasites, and can detect dozens of common deficiencies + diseases within seconds from a drop of blood. Using the power of deep learning and a low-cost lens, we aim to make taking blood tests as simple and low-cost as getting your temperature checked; making blood diagnostics a truly in-home process. 

Team: Tanay Tandon (ttandon@stanford.edu); Deepika Bodapati (dpcbod@gmail.com)

Scroll is a mobile app and self-publishing service that creates a social experience around written fiction.  

Team: Adeeb Sahar (adeebsahar@gmail.com); JP Lawrence (johnl1@stanford.edu)

SnipIts Logo CV.png

Snipits is a free and easy way to make sure you never miss out on a great experience. Browse what's happening around you on campus, add to the conversation at an event or view the best moments from the party you missed. Meet new people and have new experiences. Follow groups you like, to stay in the know about their events and connect with like­minded peers. 

Team: Cody Sugarman (codyjs@stanford.edu); Ehson Kolbehdari (kolbe055@stanford.edu)

MAMM is developing a novel production method for rapid manufacturing of inexpensive, small scale (Class G), flight certifiable UAVs using a combination of 3D printing and mature manufacturing processes.

Team: Saul Lopez (saulopez@stanford.edu); Michael Szewczyk (mvszewczyk@stanford.edu); Kevin Reynolds (kevin.w.reynolds@gmail.com) 

Frizbee is a group messaging app designed to overcome the problem of noise — i.e. irrelevant notifications — in large groups. 

Team: Ben Springwater (benspringwater@gmail.com)


Lelantus Medical is a medical device company specializing in endoscopic biopsy procedures. 

Team: Vivian De Ruijter (vruijter@stanford.edu); Michael Leung (mcleung@stanford.edu); Qasim Mahmood (qmahmood@stanford.edu)

Ohmygreen: Companies have unintentionally become the distribution arm of the processed food industry and employees end up losing productivity, focus, and health. Ohmygreen revolutionizes the way people eat and experience food at the workplace. We provide taste-tested, nutritionist approved, organic and non GMO foods such as snacks, produce, and coffee as well as a technology platform to customize the food program. Silicon Valley's top companies entrust us with their wellness. 

Team: Michael Heinrich (mh2012@stanford.edu)


The Conch makes spontaneous face-to-face group activities easier to plan by allowing users to create an event ("Sound the Conch") in under a minute. The app then blasts push invitations to invited friends, allows for chats before and during the event, and integrates with native calendar apps and Google Maps to coordinate logistics. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, Sound the Conch! 

Team: Gary Pelissier (glpeliss@stanford.edu); Roman Pedan (rpedan@gmail.com)

Montage helps you collect videos of all your friends celebrating someone you love, and compiles them into a heartwarming birthday surprise. The recipient is recorded while they watch, and their reaction video goes out as a rewarding Thank You to everyone involved. 

Team: Cougar Oswald (mcoswald@stanford.edu); Austin Meyer (ameyer17@stanford.edu)

Pair Eyewear: Children grow up in the blink of an eye. As their personalities evolve, their interests, styles, and preferences quickly change and what they own and wear reflect that. Why can’t their glasses? Pair Eyewear is a brand of customizable prescription eyewear for children. Our design makes glasses fun and engaging by allowing children to quickly and independently change the aesthetic of their glasses. 

Team: Nina Ligon (nligon@stanford.edu); Rachel Chung (rhchung@alumni.stanford.edu); Michael Vela (mhvela1@stanford.edu); Nathan Kondamuri (nathan9@stanford.edu); Sophia Edelstein (sophiae@stanford.edu)