Meet Danielle and Deirdre - two founders working on changing the volunteer/nonprofit sector.

About the company:

What is Charitize?

Charitize is a marketplace that monetizes people’s volunteer services in exchange for a cash donation to the nonprofit of their choice. Our business model empowers people to generate real, significant donations for causes they care about, without costing them a cent. Here’s how it works: people volunteer their services to our platform, a buyer from within their community purchases that service, and all of the money generated from the transaction goes to the nonprofit of the volunteers’ choice.  Charitize empowers people who may not have the money, but do have the passion to give back to causes they care about.  

Our mission is to enable people to make donations to causes they care about, without costing them a cent. We are looking to include those who have previously been excluded from the "economy of giving", such as Millennials and Gen Zers.  We aim to shape new generations of givers and leaders, and in doing so, create significant revenue streams for nonprofits.

What’s next?

Our focus for the next 2-3 months is designing, developing, and automizing our marketplace.  Once we have an automated platform we will spend the summer launching 20-30 additional pilots and testing new consumer verticals. 


What the team has and what they are looking for:

“I have…” opportunities! We're looking for a technical co-founder to help shape our vision and bring our platform to life! Additionally, if you want to get involved but are not technical, we're always looking for support so we'd love to hear from you. 

Contact Danielle Pensack at if you are interested in any of the above opportunities or have something that might be helpful for them. 




Fun fact!

Deirdre: I backpacked through South America for 7 months and traveled over 3,000 miles by hitchhiking.

Dani: I've lived and worked in 6 countries, and visited over 60! My most exciting adventure was traveling alone to (and camping in!) inner Mongolia.