Meet Patrick, Sean and Vineet - a driven team committed to moving the justice system forward!

About the company:

What is Invicted?

Invicted is a mission-driven, for-profit committed to moving the justice system forward from the moral and economic failures of mass incarceration. Our first project in this space seeks to make court-ordered sobriety monitoring more convenient, less-expensive, less stigmatizing, and more effective. We're building a smartphone application that uses computer vision to detect drug and alcohol impairment. We're continuing to learn from our more than 200 customer and stakeholder interviews, and we hope to build on the $60,000 in LOIs from government customers that we've received so far. This summer, we're focused on engaging with our users and customers in preparation for field testing and pilot studies.

Our mission-aligned team is committed to tackling the challenges of this space. Patrick has 8 years of criminal law experience as a federal prosecutor and defense counsel. Sean and Vineet lead the technical development with proficiency in computer vision, artificial intelligence, and full-stack mobile development.


What the team has and what they are looking for:

“I have…” opportunities! We're seeking advisers, mentors, and investors who share our passion and vision. Please reach out to us at for more information.




Fun fact!

Sean is a shampoo sommelier. Vineet is a conditioner connoisseur. They love engaging debates on whether shampoo or conditioner is better.