Knowhere Inc.

Knowhere Inc.

Meet Nathaniel Barling - an amazing entrepreneur working on making press unbiased, informative and trustworthy!


About the company


What is Knowhere Inc.?

Knowhere is the most unbiased, informed and authoritative source of news information on the events shaping our lives and world-views. We are working to be the most trusted, prolific and impartial news source available, globally.

To really explain the nature of our pursuit, I will also take this question a little more philosophically if that’s okay! Knowhere is the place of objective understanding of our world that is only achievable when we reconcile all subjective human experiences of it. In order to get there, we have set out to build a collective super-intelligence that understands the scale, speed and complexity of the greatest source of knowledge that humanity has ever built: the internet.


How has Knowhere Inc. grown?

After going through the Cardinal Ventures program as a team of four, we have since grown to 12, including 7 full-time employees and 5 remote journalists. We’re also part of the StartX Spring 18 batch, which was a natural progression for us from CV. We’re still in search of true product-market fit, but are preparing to put our foot on the gas as soon as we find it.


How did Cardinal Ventures help you grow?

Most prominently, our mentor during the program, Prashant at CrunchFund, was critical to raising our seed round. He coached me all the way through the storytelling process and was the spark that lit the fire when we began raising, making key introductions across the Valley. He remains our closest advisor and a very good friend. We also met some fantastic founders and VCs during the program that we remain close with today, both individually and as a company. All in all, it was a formative few months for us.


What are your next milestones?

Our next immediate milestone is establishing genuine organic traction with our readers, which we believe will come through a radical level of trust in our journalism. From there, we plan to raise our next round later this year, at least double our engineering and editorial teams and scale our content to reach over a million readers a month.


What Nat has and what he is looking for:

"I have..." internship opportunities! We will be taking on engineering (across data science and front-end roles) & growth/strategy interns this summer, so if you’re interested in the news media, are radically truth-seeking and keen to build products that change the world for the better, email me at!

“I need…” readers! Check us out at and let me know where we suck!


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About Nat

I’m 23, grew up in London and studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Durham University in the UK, where I started Knowhere in my penultimate year. I flew to the US the day after my graduation and have been working full-time on Knowhere ever since!


Fun fact!

For nearly two years, I travelled back and forth between London and Stanford, sleeping on Alex’s floor in an Escondido Village studio until we raised our seed round! He kept a pile of sock missiles next to his bed to shut up my snoring during the night...

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