Mon Ami

Mon Ami

Meet Madeline and Joy - a dynamic duo working on creating a world in which people can live their fullest lives at any stage.

About the company:

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Mon Ami is an online marketplace that makes it possible for people with dementia and their caregivers to find and hire Activity Companions, whose focus is engagement and stimulation through activities.  Activity Companions are students, retirees, or anyone with a propensity for companionship who visit your loved ones to play board games, play music together, read, write, go on walks, etc.

Our vision is a world in which people can live their fullest lives at any stage.  The near-term goal of Mon Ami is to allow people with dementia and their family members to attain the higher human needs of belonging, connection, engagement that are so often missed in the daily routines of caregiving.  Mon Ami aims to be the most trusted and loved resource for people experiencing dementia, and in the future, for all people experiencing life-altering conditions.


What's next?

Our immediate next milestones are a) to acquire our first 100 customers this year and expand across the Bay Area; b) develop the MVP of the product and refine the features of the tech platform; c) hire a full-time technical partner. In the next few years, we see ourselves expanding into adjacent spaces.  This includes working with people who have Parkinson’s, homebound elderly, people with disabilities, and children with autism.  We also see ourselves potentially expanding into other services.  Once Mon Ami gains an entry into families’ lives, we see many opportunities to offer other kinds of services that support them in all aspects of “living life to the fullest’.  This includes access to specialized support such as art therapists, music therapists, play therapists, therapy pets, etc; on-demand services for Activity Companionship or other kinds of non-professional support (e.g. running errands); and even becoming a channel for product distribution.  


What the team has and what they are looking for:

“I have…” We are looking for a talented individual to work with us as a technical partner!  We're looking for the right person to round out our founding team, ideally someone with past success at a tech/software company,  and can be a great cultural fit.

“I need…” Angel investors for a $600k seed round that will get us through 2019 and help us acquire customers, build the MVP of the product, and expand across the Bay Area.

Contact Madeline at if you are interested in any of the above opportunities or have something that might be helpful for them. 




Fun fact!

Madeline is a pilates teacher on the side, and Joy learned how to swing dance while living in Cape Town, South Africa - the only swing dance community in sub-Saharan Africa!