Meet Cougar Oswald - an entrepreneur revolutionizing the space of video gifts. 


About the company:

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Montage makes group video gifts easy. Everything is automatic: inviting people, sending reminders, collecting videos, even the final video editing. It’s perfect for birthdays, weddings, employee appreciation…. any excuse to show someone how loved they are. People are saying it’s the most meaningful gift they’ve ever received!

Social media right now feels like a flood of shallow, single-click interactions. Our goal is to be the opposite. Montage uses technology to bring people together in a selfless way – through shared appreciation for someone – and inspires them to create meaningful, memorable gifts. We hope to become the new, modern tradition for celebrating all special life events.

Since launching Montage this summer we’ve totally overhauled the UX and released a handful of awesome new features. We monetized the product right from the beginning, and it’s been awesome seeing Montage grow to thousands of users all over the world entirely by word of mouth. We also hit our fundraising goal this fall, bringing our Friends and Family round up to $500K.

Our next big milestone will be launching Montage Weddings, a branch of Montage products designed specifically for engagement parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and weddings. Next in the pipeline is building out a marketplace within Montage, where people can purchase complimentary gifts and experience products to give alongside a Montage video.


How did Cardinal Ventures help you grow?

The mentors were incredibly valuable for us. (Shout out to Jennifer Gill Roberts, and Alan Chiu who still picks up my calls even 2 years after the program!) As a first-time/student founder, it helps so much to have great mentors to lean on in all the times of uncertainty. CV also connected us to resources like WilmerHale, which enabled us to get world-class legal support in their QuickLaunch program.


What Cougar has and what he is looking for:

“I need…” help raising a seed round! We will be looking to raise our seed round about 6 months from now, so we’d be really grateful for any introductions or recommendations the CV community might have for us in the local investment community. 

Contact Cougar at

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Fun fact!

I have an extra vertebrae in my spine, so my torso is much longer than it should be. (Or my legs are much shorter, depending on perspective…)

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