Meet the team - a group of Stanford faculty, GSB alumni and postdoc working on revolutionizing health tech.

About the company:


(1) is a precision health company, using AI technologies to integrate personal genomic information with lifestyles for early detection and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. (2) For cardiovascular diseases, the company will see diseases early before symptom onset, and will provide quantitative guidance on adjusting lifestyles to minimize disease risk. (3) The company is co-founded by Professor Michael Snyder who is a world leader in Precision Medicine and chairs the Department of Genetics at Stanford. Other co-founders include Stanford faculty, GSB alumni and postdoc.  (3) Its proprietary algorithms and protocols have been filed for IP by Stanford University.

“Our goal is to be the leader in precision health for cardiovascular diseases. Today’s healthcare is reactive and expensive, so we aim to change this paradigm and provide next-generation solutions for disease early detection and early intervention.”


What’s next?

(1)  Much technological development has been done at Stanford, and the whole framework has been tested on ~500 individuals. The associated IP has been filed. So the next stage will be focused on commercialization and building the infrastructure.

(2)  In the next few years, the company will be focused on developing technologies for accurate disease genome interpretation, which will make a paradigm shift from reactive diagnosis to proactive diagnosis and prevention. From the business side, the company will establish partnerships with hospitals, physicians, diagnostic companies, and pharmaceuticals in the US.

(3)  The key milestones include: (A) expand our existing partnership with VA; (B) seek Seed/Series A funding to accelerate our growth; (C) Implement our existing algorithm and protocols in a large scale, facilitating parallel computing for large patient cohorts.


What the team has and what they are looking for:

“I have…” We are actively recruiting individuals with expertise in genomics, machine learning, app development (front- and back-end), clinical practice, and healthcare regulatory policies.

“I need…” (1) Partnerships with different agencies from research institutes, healthcare providers, insurance, regulators. (2) Funding resources from investors/grants.


Contact Damien at if you are interested in any of the above opportunities or have something that might be helpful for the team!


Fun fact!

We’d like to share our latest research: we recruited volunteers experiencing fast weight gain and loss, and observed a substantial increase in heart disease risk when individuals gained an average of about six pounds, “see the risk from your genome, and reverse it by your diet”, says Professor Michael Snyder, which is also the goal of the company.

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