NC Technologies

NC Technologies

Meet Sai and Akshay - a duo working on radically transforming the manufacturing systems. 

About the company:

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What is NC Technologies?

NC21 Technologies is a technology company. Owing to the experiences we have had while working in supply chain and manufacturing systems, we believe there is a lot of scope to innovate and change the ways of working in this space.

NC21 Technologies trying to radically transform the manufacturing systems. Most manufacturing systems, today, use the standardised DC Voltage circuit for signal transmission and PLCs for signal processing. By adapting IOT systems, micro processors/laptops, we hope to transform the manner in which manufacturing systems transmit and process signals. Such a transformation will open up avenues for the adoption of AI in manufacturing systems, which can offer insights in design process, maintenance systems.

Our goal is to be the go to company for industrial signal transmission, signal processing technologies; to become the leading innovator in manufacturing space.


What’s next?

We have demonstrated the proof of concept to some senior management people in industry. We want to design and implement the solutions in at least 3 manufacturing facilities in the next 1 year. We hope to become a powerhouse in this space over the next few years.Over a longer time frame, we wish to be the leading innovators in the industrial manufacturing systems' design space. 


What the team has and what they are looking for:

“I have…” We are planning to implement some solutions in manufacturing systems in India. We would be happy to have people who have some background in engineering (mechanical, electrical, computer science, chemical engineering backgrounds) and who are interested in exploring how manufacturing systems operate in the emerging markets join us for the summer.

“I need…” Funding sources. We are trying to collaborate with clients to design and implement solutions; with funding. It would be great to get connected with potential clients.

Contact Sai Anurag at if you are interested in any of the above opportunities or have something that might be helpful for them. 




Fun fact!

The founders of the company met for the first time in the campus dorms.