Meet Demetri Maxim - a highly motivated scientist and entrepreneur, who gives us faith for the future! Demetri is the CEO and founder of the company Nephrogen.


About the company:

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Nephrogen is a medical device company that focuses on developing novel diagnostic tests for patients suffering from kidney disease and organ rejection. Their patented technology consists of “A Platform for Rapid, Inexpensive, Quantitative Biomarker Detection.” Nephrogen’s ultimate goal is to detect chronic rejection in organ transplant recipients at its earliest stages to make organ transplants last forever.

The next steps for Nephrogen include finalizing clinical studies with organ rejection and building out a platform that can be implemented across campus and within the United States in other areas beyond organ rejection and kidney disease.


What Demetri has and what he is looking for:

“I have…” Nephrogen wants to recruit new talent on both business and engineering fronts. Demetri is especially interested in meeting with current students looking for internships or full-time opportunities. If you are interested in this opportunity, reach out to Demetri (

“I need…” Demetri is looking to increase sale development, by scaling up with research and working with customers. In addition, he is currently finalizing a financing round, and is looking to for investors to help close the round.


Fun fact!

Not only is Demetri a successful entrepreneur and scientist, he is also a hard-working athlete! A US-Cyprus dual citizen, Demetri will be representing Cyprus in alpine skiing at the 2022 Winter Olympics! Amazing!