Nova Approval

Nova Approval

Meet Dr. Andy Wardle - a young entrepreneur looking to create impact in the medical industry by revolutionizing health regulation.


About the company:

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Nova Approval is using machine learning and natural language processing to automate the regulatory affairs process for medical device and pharmaceutical FDA approval. The rigidity of health regulation is a huge issue in the United States, with FDA approval becoming increasingly hard in the realm of pharmaceutical applications. Nova Approval’s goal is to simplify this regulation, making this process more efficient and less costly, allowing therapies to come to market quicker and ultimately lives to be saved.

Nova Approval started four months ago, however, during the past four months the company has  added many industry experts to the team and developed it’s MVP. Their short-term goal is to create a marketable product by the end of next year. On the long term horizon, however, they are more ambitious. The Nova Approval team is looking to revolutionize the realm of health regulations and become a multi-billion dollar company.


What Andrew has and what he is looking for:

“I have…” Nova Approval already has a great enthusiastic team, some early no-strings funding and a great deal of momentum and interest across from industry players, governmental organisations and investors.

“I need…” Nova Approval is looking to recruit new talent for the team.  Andy is interested in talking with people who have experience in pharmaceutical or medical device regulation. He is also looking for people with experience in machine learning, natural language processing and SAAS. If you are interested in this opportunity, reach out to Andy (


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Fun fact!

At medical school Andy turned a regular party into a national charity donating $60k+ a year to children with cancer!