Meet Norris and Tim - two founders developing commercial supersonic aircraft that flies 2-3x faster than current commercial planes.

About the company:

What is Phoenix?

At Phoenix, we believe in making the world smaller through faster transportation. To do that, we design and build commercial supersonic aircraft. Our aircraft will reduce flight times by at least half and will be targeted towards airlines and initially for their the premium cabin (business or first class passengers) passengers at prices comparable to today's premium cabin fares. Our goal is to evolve the commercial aviation industry to a new era of faster flight at economical prices.


What’s next?

Our next milestones are to finish our first iteration vehicle design, then receive and incorporate feedback from airlines. After coming up with a design satisfactory to both airlines and physics, we'll mature the design to include internal systems like flight controls, fuel systems, etc. In the next few years, Phoenix will be de-risking the business by maturing the engineering design, conducting wind tunnel tests to validate/improve our design analysis, and flight test an aircraft prototype.  


What the team has and what they are looking for:

“I have…” opportunities! We're always looking for individuals who are passionate about aerospace, specifically aviation, either as team hires, advisers, investors, or mentors.

“I need…” people with airline industry experience and aircraft design capabilities. We would love to talk to as many airlines and company corporate travel managers to understand the value proposition of supersonic flight for them. A summer 2018 start-up program or entrepreneur-in-residence program would be great as well!

Contact Norris Tie at if you are interested in any of the above opportunities or have something that might be helpful for them. 




Fun fact!

I'm deeply passionate about aerospace and have an LA-based non-profit called Spaceport LA where we foster and promote a commercial aerospace community through our events.