Sherrie Wang

Role: External Relations Principal



Sherrie is a third-year PhD student studying Computational and Mathematical Engineering. Her research applies the methods of machine learning and remote sensing to problems in food security. Before coming to Stanford, she worked at Goldman Sachs as an analyst in the Corporate Risk Management group.

She graduated magna cum laude from Harvard, where she started a business to tutor and mentor high school students. She loves to hike, read, make art, and learn new things.

We asked Sherrie a few questions to get to know her better. Here are her responses: 

  • Can you explain your role in more detail? I head mentorship at CV, which means I find seasoned entrepreneurs and investors who have gone through the trials of starting companies and possess the passion and communication skills to share the lessons they’ve learned. I match these mentors with our student founders based on founder needs, mentor experience, and mutual preference. The feedback and support founders get from good mentors can go a long way toward helping them succeed.
  • What is a major challenge you've faced as an entrepreneur/working with entrepreneurs? Entrepreneurship takes a lot of mental strength, and it can be a challenge to stay steadfast in your commitment and actions. It’s easy to get excited about an idea for a short period, but hard to be consistently motivated and keep taking action in the long run. It’s also a challenge to know how to motivate others when they’re experiencing a lull. You have to learn how to regulate your and others’ mindsets.
  • What is the coolest thing about working with Cardinal Ventures? Getting to meet so many founders and learn about the products they’re working on. It’s incredibly inspiring to see people solving all these different problems — big, small, serious, and just for fun — across multiple industries and using diverse strategies. I love it.



A couple of years ago I quit my job and hiked over 200 miles across Switzerland. I met a lot of cows, ate a lot of Wienerschnitzel, and sang a lot of songs from the Sound of Music. It’s my favorite trip so far — the Swiss Alps are unbelievable.

Interested in Sherrie's work and want to learn more about her? Contact her via email ( and don't forget to let her know you're with us!