Meet Kahlil Trocme, Zachary Palacios and Frederic Bidot - a dynamic trio working on revolutionizing contact exchange!


About the company:

Swishh mobile app.jpg

Swishh is an app engineered to render contact exchange truly fast and seamless. The Swishh app allows you to share your contact info + all your social media profiles in a split second. How so? Swishh uses soundwave technology to quickly transfer data from one phone to another, leveraging the phone’s speaker and microphone as sender/receiver (your info is encrypted within the soundwaves). Here’s why Swishh is unique and cool:

  • It’s universal (compatible with iOS, Android and Windows phones)
  • It’s fast (takes 1 second to share all of your info)

  • It works even while offline and doesn’t drain your battery

“Our goal is to change the way people connect, we built an app that enables anyone to instantly share who they are and what they do with the simple tap of a button. Over 27 million business cards are printed daily and 88% of them end up in a garbage can after being handed out, we’re trying to tackle this problem.”

Swishh is currently in the process of establishing partnerships with networking event (meet-ups & chat events, professional/speed dating events etc.) These partnerships will bring attendees a new and innovative way to connect.


What the team has and what they are looking for:

“ I have…” ambassador opportunities! The Swishh team is looking for ambassadors who would be in charge of promoting the app in creative ways. If interested in this opportunity, email Kahlil (kahlil@swishh.us) Make sure to let him know Cardinal Ventures sent you!

I need…” if anyone is hosting any events (small conferences/meet-up/etc.) please contact Kahlil. Swishh is on the lookout for more event based partnerships.


Fun fact!


2 out of the 3 founders are French (Frederic and Kahlil). While Zachary is not French, he competes in powerlifting (junior world-record in deadlift)