Tina Jiang

Role: External Relations Director



Tina is a sophomore at Stanford studying Symbolic Systems, with a concentration in AI. This coming summer Tina will be an Investment Banking summer analyst at Goldman Sachs. In the past, Tina has been a marketing intern at Casper (obsessively engineering sleep products), a fellow at Highland Capital Partners, and a marketing intern at Ringly (a16z backed wearable tech). 

At Stanford, in addition to being VP of External Relations at Cardinal Ventures, Tina is a Venture Partner at Contrary Capital ($50-$200K university founded startup investments) and an MS&E 472 TA.

Recently, we interviewed Tina and learned a lot about her. Read the answers to our questions below: 

  • Can you explain your role in more detail? My role is to find amazing sponsors and partners for Cardinal Ventures. I connect with people that share Cardinal Ventures' vision to help Stanford student founders, and can provide the resources to help make our program even better. I also work on maintaining the relationships that Cardinal Ventures has already established with some incredible VCs, corporations, and startups.
  • What is a major challenge you've faced as an entrepreneur/working with entrepreneurs? Focus is one of the hardest things for founders. When you're starting a company, there's so many things you can be doing and so many different ways to approach a problem. If you don't narrow in on what your specific value add is, and where you should start at, that's one of the worst things you can do for your company. I love listening to the ideas that entrepreneurs have, figuring out what that core value is, and helping them hone in on how to grow that until they're ready to expand.
  • What is the coolest thing about working with Cardinal Ventures? Getting to meet amazing entrepreneurs! Sitting down with students that are truly aspiring to change industries, and helping them accomplish their goals, is one of the most rewarding things I've done at Stanford. It's a great community and network, and I do as much as I can to help grow that!



My last name is Jiang. So is my middle name! So my full name is Tina Jiang Jiang. (Sounds and looks a bit strange...)

If you are interested in Tina's work reach out to her (http://tinaj@sse.stanford.edu). Let her know CV sent you!