Meet Stephanie Guzman, Margaux Lucas and Alexander Suh - three founders working on making language education available in the classroom!


About the company:

Worldly is an online language exchange where students from verified schools around the world can practice their foreign languages. For example, students learning French in Washington, DC, can play language games with students learning English in Paris. The students in DC get to practice with native French speakers, the students in Paris get to practice with native English speakers, and all the students get to make new friends and experience new cultures.

Language students around the world pay extraordinary amounts for supplementary courses, exchange programs, and tutors who are native speakers, all to develop real-world skills in foreign languages. Worldly’s goal is to make this more immersive education available in the classroom. With Worldly, students develop conversational skills and cultural knowledge by interacting with native speakers of their  foreign language.

Worldly’s next milestone is taking the website from beta to launch! Over the next year, they will be focusing on improving the website, signing up more schools, and raising funding in order to make Worldly production-ready.


What the team has and what they are looking for:

“I have…” beta-testing opportunities! The Worldly team is getting ready for their next beta test! If you’re a teacher or school administrator interested in trying out Worldly in your classroom or school, contact us at

“I need…” Worldly is looking for classrooms and schools interested in trying out Worldly (see above).


Fun fact!

Not only is worldly a language exchange website, but the founders themselves have a lot of experience with languages and live in various places around the world. Between the three founders, they speak 6 languages and live on 3 continents.