Yael Lederman

Role: Managing Director



Yael is a junior at Stanford majoring in Biomechanical Engineering. She is passionate about the intersection of biotechnology and innovation. This summer, Yael worked at 500 Startups in Tel Aviv as an Investment Intern. She enjoys the beach, writing, traveling and being outdoors. She has been on the Cardinal Ventures management team since fall 2015.

Last week, we had a conversation with Yael to learn more about her. Here are her responses to our questions: 

  • What is a major challenge you've faced as an entrepreneur/working with entrepreneurs? One challenge we constantly face with founders is helping them let go of any original conviction they may have had about their company. Oftentimes founders will start Cardinal Ventures with a set vision for an aspect of their business that ends up changing drastically. Getting to that initial pivot can involve a great deal of friction on behalf of one or more founders on a team. Although the process is involved, pivoting in the positive direction is the best thing a founder can do during Cardinal Ventures and it's extremely rewarding to see.
  • What is the coolest thing about working with Cardinal Ventures? The best thing about Cardinal Ventures, by a large margin, are the founders. Smart, inspiring, resilient and driven, these founders embody everything I hope to one day become. I've worked with 150+ founders in my two years at Cardinal Ventures and they have taught me so much and helped me grow into an aspiring entrepreneur myself.



Although my name is Israeli, I'm actually not Israeli at all. I'm half Colombian, half Belgian. But mostly American in the end of the day!


If you are interested in Yael's story or work feel free to contact her (yael3@sse.stanford.edu). Let her know CV sent you!